Sky Italia

Sky Italia is an Italian satellite television platform operated by Sky itself. It operates a series of subscription-based terrestrial channels offering millions of sports coverage, entertainment and movies. The broadcaster was seeing continuous business growth and subscription base had increased to more than 4.8 million (Advanced Television, 2019). 

The Challenge

Despite its success, Sky Italia discovered that their consumers were finding it difficult to find relevant TV programmes and movies within its extensive directory. While they had search functionality, the results being pulled weren't in line with the viewer's preferences because it wasn’t able to comprehend queries formulated in a more natural way.

Sky Italia was curious about the advantages that a text- and voice-based assistant could bring to their customers but had concerns about its large catalogue of viewing chooses available (which also changed very regularly). 

The Solution

Hutoma created a bespoke AI-based solution for Sky Italia, which comprised of three main components.

Custom data ingestion pipeline (DIP)

The Sky Italia DIP delivers a highly scalable architecture that can perform near real-time data ingestion and training. The conversational AI can correctly recognise tv entities within a search and take the most appropriate action. The DIP also runs regular synchronisation tasks to detect even the smallest of editorial variation to Sky Italia’s television guide.

Custom language model

Sky Italia’s core natural language processing (NLP) system was retrained using Hutoma’s technology so it can better understand subtle differences when analysing user queries. 

AI Assistant

We well integrating the AI assistant across text-based channels, such as Facebook, Hutoma created a custom adapter so that consumers could plug in voice-based home devices. Users could then instruct the assistant using voice recognition devices, including Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Industry: Media & Entertainment

Employees: 31000+

Location: Italy

A virtual assistant that helps consumers quickly locate programmes and movies they’ll love

The Result

Using a custom neural net, the AI was trained to better understand human queries and TV events. The voice and text virtual assistant was connected to Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Facebook.

With Hutoma’s voice assistant, Sky has been able to make more reliable suggestions based on the viewer’s taste. On top of this, Sky Italia’s customers now have the option to control their TV using only their voice. Hutoma’s technology has empowered the business to take its product to the next level in terms of usability.

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