Integrating the Hutoma framework to establish fast, more dependable customer support at scale

Nokia is a leader in serving communications service providers, governments, large enterprises and consumers with a portfolio of products, services and licensing. The global company adheres to the highest of ethical business standards and sets out to create technology with social purpose, quality and integrity. Its mission is to transform human experiences through technology. Nokia commissioned Hutoma to create an AI that would empower it’s customer service department to provide better support and assistance.

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Nokia wanted to explore the potential business benefits of implementing an internal AI system. The multinational telecoms business had concerns over its search technology and it was also encountering lots of customer support calls due to poor product documentation issues. Nokia knew that action needed to be taken to provide quicker, smarter responses to their customer base. 

Traditional search solutions focus on keyword-based matches but the user is then tasked with determining which help page is correct and then searching for the answer within it. Nokia chose to explore the potential business benefits of an AI-based solution instead. 

The Challenge

An internal virtual assistant was created by Hutoma for Nokia to improve the way that information was stored, fetched and then presented to users. The project was executed by transforming the documents into a digestible format for the AI bot and then applying a layer of natural language processing (NLP). Hutoma’s natural language understanding components ensured the bot would be able to accurately interpret the intent behind a human’s search query and then present the relevant answers.

The data ingestion functionality meant that large amounts of informational documents could be taught to the bot within minutes, significantly accelerating the rate at which it could be deployed. Hutoma’s technology is also driven by powerful machine-learning technology, which enabled the AI to continuously be monitored and improved upon, learning from real-life queries.

Hutoma was able to deploy the AI on Nokia’s REST API, allowing it to be connected to the company’s desired communication channels. 

The Solution

The technology has drastically improved the speed at which Nokia internal staff are able to discover the right information to commonly asked questions. Nokia saw quick and remarkable results - support costs reduced by 30% and around 80% of routine questions were answered automatically.

The Result

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