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La Caixa is one of the largest financial institutions in Spain, with over 5,800 branches and in excess of 13 million customers. Comercia Global Payments was founded by La Caixa in 2010, with the objective to provide an industry-first payment management service to clients and intermediaries. Hutoma delivered a customised version of its Open Source platform to La Caixa so that it could automatically generate a Sales Assistant for its merchant customers.



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Comercia Global Payments wanted to develop its service further by offering conversational commerce features to online retailers. A ready-to-deploy virtual sales assistant would empower its thousands of merchants to aid and interact with shoppers via chatbots and voice interfaces. However, the business faced some development challenges.

Building a solution that can fit a variety of domains is challenging and creating a solution based on manually building intents and entities is unscalable. The business required an automated pipeline.

The Challenge

Hutoma worked with the digital payment division at Caixa (Comercia Global Payment) to create a pipeline that could automatically generate a Sales Assistant for its merchant customers.

Hutoma delivered a customised version of its open source platform, which added the ability to connect automatically to a standard merchant backend, such as Magento. The custom ingestion pipeline functions by reading the full merchant catalogue and using it to automatically generate entities and sales-type intents. 

The Solution

The solution included 3 other main components:

- A Virtual Cart

- Payments Integration

- Catalogue Management

The Virtual Cart allows the Chatbot to keep contextual information stored for later use, while the payment systems enable end users to complete a purchase from within the bot instead of being forced to go to the merchant website. Finally, a catalogue management module ensured that purchases, searches and other tasks are correctly reported by the chatbot

La Caixa significantly increased the number of payment’s it processed for its network of merchants through the Hutoma enterprise solution. It also increased its commercial offering as, unlike many of La Caixa’s competitors in Spain, merchants were able to provide end-consumers with a highly personalised shopping experience.

The consistency and reliability of the Sales Assistant ensured that conversations flowed across the merchant’s desired communication channels with payments being processed at the consumer’s most convenient touchpoints.

The Result

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