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A powerful and easy to use python framework 

for natural language interfaces

Advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Hu:toma’s NLU engine helps you process and understand complex user queries. Our NLU engine classifies users’ intents and extracts all known entities from user queries at best in class accuracy.     

Intent & Entity Extraction: Our NLU engine is pre-populated with 1000’s of entities to decrease the time to deployment and increase accuracy whilst also allowing developers to define their own intents and entities.

Knowledge Management

Leverage your existing data to train chatbots, empowering your team and customers.  

Ingest PDFs, Excel files, web pages, integrate with knowledge base tools and surface the information within a chat just when it’s needed.   

Deep Learning: We use proprietary deep nets to autonomously create conversation patters from unstructured data.   

Enterprise-ready integrations

The Hu:toma platform supports integrations using APIs, Web Services so you’ll always be able to continue using your existing Enterprise & SaaS applications. 

Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Zendesk, Live Person, Intercom, Drift, Messenger and more.

Conversational Analytics

Get real time insights into how customers and team members are interacting with your bots across channels and how effectively the bot can respond and resolve their queries.

Omni-channel insights: Drill down into channel specific metrics, conversion rates, wait times, identify trending intents, retention   

Request Error Flagging: All queries that the bot didn’t handle correctly are flagged and collated where a bot developer can easily assist and conduct supervised learning.  

These errors broadly fall into three categories, user intent not planned for, user intent misclassified, user intent planned for but expressed differently.  

Bot Marketplace

Reduce build time:

Leverage existing bots built by Hutoma and our developer community


Build and re-use common skills across multiple bots, making scaling across clients or teams easy.

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