Cut your customer support costs by at least 30%.

Focus on the important tasks while your AI assistant automates the rest. Handoff chatbot conversations to human agents and empower your team.

In an era where consumers expect instant gratification, companies are having to explore quicker and more convenient ways for customers to get in touch. There are two lines of investment that businesses are pursuing. The first, to expand the customer service team - a costly and time-intensive task with instant, but short-term benefits - and the second; empowering human agents with a handy, conversational AI assistant.

Hutoma gives enterprises and developers the tools to automate conversations with their customers. Our voice and text-based AI assistants (including chatbots, voicebots and conversational search engines) allow customer support functions to be scaled instantaneously. Our machine-learning AI is skilled at handling complex conversations and remembering the context of previous interactions. It’s powerful natural language understanding (NLU) enables it to personalise conversations and converse in a way that feels more natural to humans.

We ensure your high standards are maintained. If the bot feels as it hasn’t got the adequate information available to offer an accurate response, it alerts a human agent who can seamlessly take over the interaction.

Through the Hutoma customer support solution, businesses can expect to have a customer support system available 24 hours of the day, every day of the week. Due to being powered by open source technology, you can be safe in the knowledge that no third-parties are involved, meaning you still own all of your intelligence and will be compliant with privacy practices, such as GDPR.  

Customer Support

Reduce support costs by at least 30%

Own your data & intelligence

Increase sales

Improve customer service quality

Automate repetitive tasks

Empower human agents

Human handoff functionality

Key benefits:

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