Redefine digital interactions & modernise user searchability

Reduce the time needed to get the information you want with natural language interfaces.

Hutoma’s customisable conversational search solution brings the best of voice, natural language processing and machine learning to the human search experience. Humans can search and interact with our conversational AI in a way that feels most natural to them, and expect to be produced with accurate and genuinely useful results.

Technology is enabling customers to have more personalised experiences with brands and services than ever before. As humans, we expect to be understood, and we expect our conversations to be remembered for future correspondences. Brands and services must replicate this within both their internal or customer-facing search functionalities.

Rather than manually building intents or entities, a conversational search pipeline ingests raw data and automatically creates the underlining language model, entities and intents necessary for your target domain.

Our conversational search open source framework improves user experience, unlocks new ways to automate support scenarios while drastically reducing the time and cost typically required to build, deploy and improve a live bot. 

Conversational Search

Reduce the time to find relevant information

Unlock new automated support scenarios

Drastically reduce bot design time

Key benefits:

Check how Hutoma built a conversational search for Nokia.

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