Enterprise Platform & Optimised Verticals

A fully scalable and enterprise ready solution for the most demanding customer.  Ready-to-be deployed and fully integrated chatbots.

Build enterprise grade conversational AIs and drastically scale your business.  

Get fully integrated chatbot solutions on prem or cloud. 

A Digital Worker Factory puts the infrastructure in place for companies to realise the many benefits of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence.

Our enteprise-ready infrastructure can be deployed within your private cloud or fully hosted and monitored by our team.  

Fully qualified developers can help deliver custom integration and implement and end to end vision for your business. 

Enterprise Digital Workers Factory

Transform your store into a chatbot in minutes

Conversational e-Commerce is the next frontier in retail. However transforming your web-based e-commerce presence into a conversational AI can be a complex task. 

With Hu:toma we can automatically ingest your catalog and automatically create an assistant that can immediately sell your products on social channels and text/voice based clients. 

Automated Customer Support

Chatbots, automated service interactions, AI, and machine learning applications promise more than $8 billion per year.

Beyond cost savings, companies are looking to benefit from increased sales through AI implementations as AIs proactively recommend the optimal products and services for each customer and qualify sales leads for human follow-up, boosting sales with minimal human effort.

Supported Platforms

Facebook Messenger • Telegram • Mobile App & Web • Amazon Echo • Google Home

Customer Support

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