Passionate about collaboration, empowered by open source. Machine learning tools for developers to build, develop and deploy tailored contextual AI’s and assistants.

Custom built solutions to fit your needs


An open source solution that includes machine learning tools for natural language processing and a complete web console to design, train, deploy and monitor your chatbots.

sales chatbot
Chatbot Customer Support


Allow users to ask questions more naturally, unlock new ways to automate support scenarios and speed-up customer service processes. 


Automate the sales flow and assisting your customers 24/7. Tap into new communications channels and drive customer checkouts.


Empower your team to focus on more complex cases while your chatbot handles the important yet rote tasks. Handoff conversations to human agents when you desire.

case studies

A custom ingestion pipeline and a text/voice assistant to help customers finds relevant tv programs. 

A scalable pipeline to ingest a merchant catalog and automatically generate sales assistants. 

A new type of interactive search engine that can identify relevant documents and  extract most appropriate answers.

Open Source NLP & Machine Learning tools for Developers

Hu:toma Open Source offers the necessary tools to build rich conversational AIs with limited investment from your side. Talk to us if you are looking for a more managed solution.

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