Hybrid Machine Learning plus Rule based framework to deliver incredibly accurate Chatbots. A powerful business console and production containers.

Above Industry Accuracy. Powered by Open Source.

A Powerful Business Console

A complete web-based console to manage your bots lifecycle.

Advanced Dialog Routing

Fine tune conversations with a rich, no coding, multi-turn dialog manager

Built-in Skills Store

Combine different bots together like lego pieces. Transfer skills from across bots

Session Management

Evaluate memory variables, manage the bot state via UI or programmatically.

Hand off to Human Agent


Hand off conversations to a human when the bot is not confident.

Interact with your Chatbots programmatically via Rest APIs.

Improve with Analytics

Check how much your Bot is used and which questions are not answered.

Integrate with Messaging

Deploy your Conversational AIs on Facebook or integrate with others.

Deploy on any Cloud

Take our open source containers and deploy it where you prefer.

Data Ingestion Pipelines

Ingest unstructured documents and transform them into Chatbots with no need to manually build intents or entities. 

Hutoma Enteprise

An enterprise grade solution targeted at more complex scenarios and data-focused conversational AI 

Data Privacy & Isolation

Take full owneship of trainig data and chat logs. Isolated containers for you data storage and software runtime.


Authenticate access to your Conversational AI via secure channels and Webhook Tokens

Behind your Firewall

Install the Hu:toma stack on prem and behind your firewall. Data will never leave your servers. 

Managed Hosting

Enteprise comes with the option of a fully managed hosting for the platform and your bots. 

Production Containers

Docker swarm or K8 production ready container ensure fully scalability of your environment.

Custom Integrations

Work with the Hu:toma team to deploy your solution or integrate it into your existing backend.

Premium Support

Direct support from our experts via chat or Phone. Preferred escalation path for bugs, issues or feature requests. 


Enterprise level SLAs with proactive monitoring and alerting. 

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