Hybrid Machine Learning plus Rule based framework to deliver incredibly accurate Chatbots. A powerful business console and production containers.

Above Industry Accuracy. Powered by Open Source.

Powerful Business Console

A free, web-based proprietary platform. Gain access to the tools and channels to create and share conversational AIs.

Allow conversations to flow

No more clunky conversations. Leverage Hutoma’s NLP and NLU to remember the context and give accurate responses to user queries.

Built-in Skills Store

Build interfaces from scratch or speed up deployment by taking advantage of Hutoma’s free pre-built conversational skill stack.

Train your bot with ease

Transform free-form text into structured data. Training your bot to understand data and historical conversations is as simple as upload, copy & paste. 

The human touch

Easily refine your bot

Integrate your conversational AI across channels such as Facebook, Alexa and Google Assistant. Handoff conversations to a human when the bot is not confident.

Track, catch and tweak the performance of your bot, ensuring it grows its abilities and usefulness.

Deploy on any cloud

Take our open source containers and deploy it where you prefer.

Create a bot with REST

Enable your bot to exchange messages with channels that are configured in our portal via industry-standard REST API. 

Manage multi-turn models

Easily evaluate memory variables, manage the bot state via UI or programmatically.

Data Ingestion Pipelines

Transform large, unstructured information pools into chatbots. No need to manually create rules for how the AI should understand and respond to user queries.

Hutoma Enteprise

Our enterprise solutions cater perfectly to AI projects that require turning large volumes of data into text or voice-based digital assistants. Unlock bespoke features, obtain industry-leading expertise and benefit from unlimited programmatic support. Driven by open-source machine-learning frameworks.

Enterprise-level security

Take full ownership of training data and chat logs without it ever leaving your servers. Ran in isolated containers to maximise data storage and software runtime.

Customised to you

Targeted towards more complex scenarios and data-focused conversational AI. We work in collaboration with your team to seamlessly deploy your solution.

Easy on-boarding

Deploy the Hutoma stack on-premise or in the cloud. Integrate into your backend systems and connect across all of your favourite communication channels.

Best-in-class accuracy

Chatbots that are built using our technology provide the best and most relevant answers to customers more frequently than any other chatbot on the market.

Production Containers

Docker swarm or K8 production-ready container ensure fully scalability of your environment.

Custom Integrations

Work with the Hu:toma team to deploy your solution or integrate it into your existing backend.

Premium Support

Your AI learns from real-life conversations. Our support ensures your AI maintains its ability to understand messages and provide accurate responses.


Enterprise level SLAs with proactive monitoring and alerting. 

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