Voice & Text AI for Automated 

Customer Support

Help your agents find answers for your customers faster. Automate tasks execution and drastically reduce internal costs. Handle voice or text inquiries

Build your digital workforce today and create an AI powered customer support center that works in tandem with  real humans 

A Digital Worker Factory puts the infrastructure in place for companies to realize the many benefits of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence without cannibalising existing businesses.

An AI can generate personalized responses by combining analytics, cognitive computing based on individual customer information, past conversations, and location, leveraging the corporate knowledge base and human insight. This will be impossible for humans alone to do.

Your Digital Workforce

From Chatbot to Symbiotic AI

Human touch is still crucial in Customer Support, however the aid of a Conversational AI can help your support agents reduce the time it takes to find relevant answers or similar support cases.

A Symbiotic AI can

 - Silently listen to text and voice questions.

 - Understand customer inquiries and sentiment across all use cases.

 - Remember what it has learned to optimise the experience over time.

 - Suggest the best next step to an Agent

Beyond cost savings

Chatbots, automated service interactions, AI, and machine learning applications promise more than $8 billion per year.

Beyond cost savings, companies are looking to benefit from increased sales through AI implementations as AIs proactively recommend the optimal products and services for each customer and qualify sales leads for human follow-up, boosting sales with minimal human effort.

Supported Platforms

Facebook Messenger • Telegram • Mobile App & Web • Amazon Echo • Google Home

Customer Support

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