Voice AI Sales Assistant 

for your Store

Use social platforms and smart speakers to engage customers in their favourite channel, help them browse and purchase items, share with friends, bring them back with targeted offers and drive sales both online and in-store.

 Improve your brand’s reach and create engaged, loyal customers that spend more.

Be present on your customers favorite channels

In today's world your customers spend most of their time in messaging apps and smart speakers, their usage exceeds that of social media platforms.  

Be present where they are, let them browse and buy, find answers to commonly asked questions, or organize a return all in a channel they are most familiar with. 

Go beyond chatbots

The Hu:toma AI Sales Assistant isn't just a chatbot. It can drive real transactions and connect to your merchant platform and favorite payment gateway.

Our technology can automatically ingest your catalogue and create all the conversation patterns needed to provide a rich and engaging experience. 

Monitor your AI performance in real time

Get access to your own Business Console to track how well your AI is handling customer questions. 

Make changes to the way it respond and add additional functionalities with no need of coding or technical understanding.

Supported Platforms

Facebook Messenger • Telegram • Mobile App & Web • Amazon Echo • Google Home

Conversational Commerce

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