About Hutoma

Hutoma exists to aspire developers while simultaneously providing them with the framework to create safe, accurate, and genuinely useful AI assistants.

Learn more about the team members below.

Andrea Sandro Cibelli

Dr. Maurizio Cibelli, PhD


Worked at Microsoft & Amazon

Computer Science Ph.D and Honour CS Master Degree. Previously a tech leader at Microsoft and Amazon. Author of software patents and scientific papers.

Pedro Teixeira


Worked at Microsoft & Amazon

Software Engineer with with 20 years of professional experience in the IT industry. Technically lead with a proven track record of delivering highly complex products.

David Montanaro Gauci

Principal AI Engineer

Worked at Microsoft

Software Engineer with with 20 years of experience development complex products. Strong experience in designing enterprise software and applications

Bret Colloff

Senior  AI Engineer

Worked at Microsoft

Senior Full-Stack or Back-End Software Engineer. - Python/ C#/.NET expert, Scala, TypeScript, Spark, F#.

Chris Guest


Worked at Microsoft

Passionate about product & service engineering with broad multi-discipline experience of Development, Test and Operations.

Voice AI Engineer

Worked at University of Salerno

Strong engineer with experience in working across development and research. Focused on voice based interactions.

Jasper Vanuytrecht

Business Development Manager

Worked at SAP

A versatile Business Development professional with a growth mindset and passion for life quality-enhancing innovation.

Dr. Paula Chocrón, PhD

Machine Learning Researcher


Researching core NLP technologies and alignment between different languages and  techniques based on Reinforcement Learning.

Dr. Casimiro Pio Carrino, PhD

Machine Learning Researcher

University of Turin

Graduated in Physics of Complex Systems, Casimiro successively developed research experience in Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning and Computational Neuroscience.

Hutoma is the brainchild of some of the industry’s most-talented machine learning & AI engineers. We're a small yet dynamic bunch, with a shared passion for the advancement of natural language processing, machine learning, and the broader possibilities of artificial intelligence. Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, we operate over four countries, and between us, we speak more than ten different languages!

Why open-source AI?

From day one, we made a promise to our community; to provide open-source code that everyone can use. In our opinion, closed-source naturally puts a kind of limitation on AI; restricting its capacity to progress and move forward. In contrast, open-source allows businesses of all sizes, industries, and infancy to leverage powerful, adaptable tools that can be used to improve products, services, and internal processes. It also permits them to have full ownership and control over their data. 

Safe AI

Our technology operates with enterprise scalability and security requirements in mind. The platform can easily support millions of chats while data is secured both in transit and at REST. 

Accurate AI

Accuracy is key to developing AI systems that become highly competent and self-sustaining. It is also one of the most decisive metrics for measuring the performance of machine learning AI. Our technology scores exceptionally high for accuracy - in other words, our chatbots provides the right answer to the customer more frequently than most other chatbots (updated: May 2019). 

Genuinely useful AI

Text and voice-based assistants gained a bad rep for being frustratingly glitchy when they first came to market. By improving speed, natural language processing, speech recognition, and deep learning abilities, Hutoma has enabled the experience to become much more seamless for end-users plus integration is simple. Our purpose is to ensure AI assistants are always helpful, never a hindrance.

Our Mission

To provide the framework for the world to build safe, accurate & genuinely useful AI assistants

Open Source NLP & Machine Learning tools for Developers

Hu:toma Open Source offers the necessary tools to build rich conversational AIs with limited investment from your side. Talk to us if you are looking for a more managed solution.

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