For businesses that care about having better conversations with their customers. Gain access to free, machine learning frameworks that create the best contextual chatbots and conversational AI’s. Powered by open source.

Safe, accurate & genuinely useful AI assistants

Conversational Search AI

An Open Source Conversational AI  Platform

Enterprise grade chatbot framework for developers and businesses 

Business Console

Custom Integrations

Multi-turn Dialog Manager

A web based UI to simplify the process of managing bots.

Structure multi-turn dialogs using a no code UI.

We customise our solution to 

fit your needs.

Data Ingestion Pipelines

On Prem or Cloud Hosting

Automatic Intent Generation

Transform your data into Chatbots. Automatically.

Reduce the need of manually designing intents and entities.

Flexible hosting options: On-Prem or Cloud. Managed or unmanaged.  

A Flexible Chatbot Architecture

case studies

A custom ingestion pipeline and a text/voice assistant to help customers finds relevant tv programs. 

A scalable pipeline to ingest a merchant catalog and automatically generate sales assistants. 

A new type of interactive search engine that can identify relevant documents and  extract most appropriate answers.

Open Source NLP & Machine Learning tools for Developers

Hu:toma Open Source offers the necessary tools to build rich conversational AIs with limited investment from your side. Talk to us if you are looking for a more managed solution.

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